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Liberty School is a bilingual school that offers a better level of English for students from one-year-old to the eleventh grade. Our curriculum and textbooks are the most prestigious abroad, especially in the United States and Asia, where they apply the most effective teaching techniques.

Nuestros Beneficios

We provide a school environment characterized by its facilities, classrooms, and school-based health supports to motivate students excel

To help students succeed in the math area, we work with Singapore Maths which a highly effective teaching approach developed in Japan.

To ensure the progress of our educational quality. We keep up in supervising and improving the planning of the classes and the curriculum.

We have an excellent team of directors and committed teachers to train students to incorporate at a Honduran and international level.

Our vision

Approaching the professionals of tomorrow.


In these levels we offer the early stimulation that consists in providing to the preschool children, the basic tools that will help them to improve the intellectual, social, affective and psychomotor aspects, in such a way that they have a favorable integral development.

We encourage a proper education to obtain the skills and abilities demanded by the changes of the world. We also focus on motivating them to reason for themselves. We form authentic and free citizens who are able to confront the challenges with value, tolerance and honesty.


We train competent students to face life successfully. We rely on values, the updating of class curriculum and the use of technology as a tool for learning the future.

Parents can access their children’s information to carry out real-time control of daily activities, tasks, schedules and more.


Our Best Friend is The


Our institution is always investing in infrastructure and technological development to offer our students the best alternatives. We continually face our community with new games and we are proud to have the facilities for pedagogical harmony.

We have innovative classrooms, which have electronic boards. These tools not only enrich the classroom experience but also help to expand the nature of content that can be used in learning process funny and easily.

Our Educational Portal is


is a novel tool that unites school and parents by providing each child’s academic progress performance in real time.

Through our platform, parents and students have access to academic notes, assignments, disciplinary performance, schedules, etc. Just by using any electronic device that connects to the Internet.



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Address: San Ignacio Suburb. San Ignacio Passage street. In front of Cristo Centro church

Phone number: 2232-3338/9448-3338
Whatsapp: 9459-1784
Email: info@libertyschool.hn

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