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General information

Principal: Magda Santamaria

School Grades:Maternal -11mo

Student Manual

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Online enrollment steps

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Enrollment Information

Initial Procedure
  • Perform and approve diagnostic test (from First grade).
  • Interview with the Guidance Department (From First grade).
Documents to submit
  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • 1 card size photo
  • Photocopy of identity of both Parents, tutors or legal guardians of the student.
New income requirements from 1st to 6th grade
  • Photocopy of the Prebasic education diploma in the case of First Grade.
  • Study Certification of the previous year’s (SACE).
  • Excellent Behavior certificate.
  • Proof of Solvency.
New income requirements 7th to 11th grade
  • Excellent behavior certificate.
  • Proof of Solvency.
  • 6th grade study certificate for students who wish to enter 7th grade.
  • Studies certification from 7th grade with the certifications copies for students who wish to enter 8th, 9th and 10th grade.
  • In the case of students who come from abroad, submit proof of apostilled studies by external relations, present the equivalences extended by the Secretary of Education of Honduras (applies from 7th -10th grade.
  • New Entrance for 11th grade is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
Electronic directory

Administration Department

Lic Nimia Zuniga: nzuniga@libertyschool.hn

Ing. Reina Sosa: rsosa@libertyschool.hn

Our Platform

It is an innovative educational tool that unifies school and home. It offers parents all the information concerning their children’s academic performance in real time..

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Liberty School

Kids´Land Preschool

About US

In these levels we offer the early stimulation that consists in providing to the preschool children, the basic tools that will help them to improve the intellectual, social, affective and psychomotor aspects, in such a way that they have a favorable integral development.
We encourage a proper education to obtain the skills and abilities demanded by the changes of the world. We also focus on motivating them to reason for themselves. We form authentic and free citizens who are able to confront the challenges with value, tolerance and honesty.
We train competent students to face life successfully. We rely on values, the updating of class curriculum and the use of technology as a tool for learning the future.
Parents can access their children’s information to carry out real-time control of daily activities, tasks, schedules and more


Our Vision

To be recognized around our country as the most prestigious educational institution in the Central District, due to the follow-up in technological and humanistic advances in education. To ensure a unique experience in qualified didactic, personalized teaching and value-building, in accordance with the demands of the modern world for our students to become the developers of a renewed Honduras.

Our Mission

We guarantee the best and most innovative bilingual teaching, focused on technology and the quality of our teachers. Our education is guided to form competent citizens with a sense of equity, relevance and human warmth, advancing with transparency and honesty.


Col. San Ignacio, Calle Paseo San Ignacio, Frente a iglesia Cristo Centro

Hours of service

Monday-Friday: 7am – 4pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm

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Our Principal

“We welcome our students and parents in this new school year. We are delighted to receive them and meet their expectations in the educational service”.
Magda Santamaria



Our students enter the world of robotics from an early age

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Parent’s opinions

“My name is Renata Kulesza de Sierra, a proud mother who is part of the Liberty School family.
As a mother I have always wanted the best for my children, Julianna and Justin. An academic and moral education that allows them to be good people, humanly and professionally.”

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“Liberty School and Kids’ Land Preschool has been a providential institution for our family, it has always exceeded our expectations. We feel so much gratitude, for giving each of our children, the greatest love, patience and dedication.”

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“Have you heard or read the phrase “The best school is the one near your house”? I heard it a few years ago when I was looking for an option for my daughter to continue her school education and I had a hard time applying it because there are schools that, according to the opinion of society, are excellent.”

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years providing education

Graduate promotions

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accomplished goals and counting

Get in touch

Address: San Ignacio Suburb. San Ignacio Passage street. In front of Cristo Centro church

Phone number: 2232-3338/9448-3338
Whatsapp: 9442-3338
Email: info@libertyschool.hn

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