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Our History



To be recognized around our country as the most prestigious educational institution in the Central District, due to the follow-up in technological and humanistic advances in education. To ensure a unique experience in qualified didactic, personalized teaching and value-building, in accordance with the demands of the modern world for our students to become the developers of a renewed Honduras.



We guarantee the best and most innovative bilingual teaching, focused on technology and the quality of our teachers. Our education is guided to form competent citizens with a sense of equity, relevance and human warmth, advancing with transparency and honesty.

Some words

From our Principal

“We welcome our students and parents in this new school year. We are delighted to receive them and meet their expectations in the educational service”.

– Magda Santamaria


Our History


Kids’Land was founded on August 14th, 1994 with 4 children between 2 and 3 years old.

Liberty School was created in 1999, when the parents of Kids ‘Land Pre-School students, requested the institution to extend their educational services to Elementary level and later on, to Middle and High School levels.

The name “Kids ‘Land”, meaning “Tierra de Niños” in Spanish, was chosen by its founders, Lic. Iris Argueta de León Gómez and M.a Patricia León Gómez.

The name “Liberty School” arises from the belief, that education is a mean that liberates man, and spreads its wings to a full life.

The first graduating class of Liberty School took place in the year 2005, and our first graduated High School promotion, in the year 2012.

Currently we will be graduating our eighth class (2018-2019), they will be “Bachilleres en Ciencias y Letras” and also obtain their High School Diploma. Our graduates have been accepted in the best university institutions nationwide.




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Address: San Ignacio Suburb. San Ignacio Passage street. In front of Cristo Centro church

Phone number: 2232-3338/9448-3338
Whatsapp: 9459-1784
Email: info@libertyschool.hn

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